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Got Words?

Are you ready to write your book? You have sat down and written out the first few chapters when doubt sets in. Will anyone want to read it? Have I done my best work? One of the best ways to get peer reviews while you are writing your book is to join a writer’s group.

Joining a writer’s group will give you instant feedback. Your desire after writing and publishing it to get your book read by many. A writer’s group will offer a safe space where people can critique your work in love and help to get to the best version possible.

A writer’s group will keep you accountable to deadlines. The best made plans of mice and men…. Well, you know how that story goes. It is so easy to start a project and never finish. A writer’s group will hold you accountable to completion of your project.

Who does not do better when they receive positive reinforcement? When you get stuck, and you will a writer’s group will push you to that finish line with encouragement and advice to help you keep going.

Beta readers. When you finish your first draft, you already have a willing group to read through and give you feedback on your characters and story lines.

Should my main character work in the tech field, or be a free spirit? Should it be male or female? Do they get a love interest? Being in a writer’s group will help you get past those writer’s blocks by bouncing ideas off a group of peers.

Being in a writer’s group will allow you to become a better writer as you help others become better writers. There are many different skills sets in the group, and we all learn from each other as we refine our craft.

Chosen Pen’s Writer’s groups are led by literary experts that are motivated to strengthening your abilities regardless of your level. During each session, you will learn and practice new writing techniques that will give you the confidence you want.


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