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I was raised in a household where you serve God. My grandfather was a Reverend, and I saw him every Saturday writing his message for Sunday morning. As a young girl, I would write to God and stick my letters into my children’s bible. Writing is the best way for me to communicate because it allows me to be transparent. When I grew spiritually, I began to write Christian Fiction because it inspires and uplifts people.

In 2017, I published my first Christian Fiction Novel, Fall In Love With A Man Like Jesus. Many people ask how did I come up with this title, they are shocked when I say I didn’t. While I was writing my book, I did not have a title. I knew that the title and cover was going to be the first impression of my book. I prayed about it, and God literally placed the title Fall In Love With A Man Like Jesus in my spirit. Fall In Love With A Man Like Jesus addresses forgiveness and learning to grow from what we go through.

I am currently writing my next novel, Loving God’s Son, and a children’s fiction novel, America’s Most Wanted.

I am very passionate about writing novels that people can relate to, and empower them never to give up despite their circumstances. I truly believe that we are all here to be a testimony to someone so that we may learn from one another’s experiences.

I am dedicated to creating life changing programs for women and young girls to ensure that they have a place to be heard, loved, cherished, respected, and supported. When I was in high school, I found out that I was pregnant. I decided to attend Florence Crittenton, which is a place for teenage moms.

Due to the support that I received at Florence Crittenton, it changed my life for the best. I would like to give that same type of support to every women. To do this, I am furthering my education in Christian Counseling, and starting a girl’s organization this fall called STAR.

- Erica

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