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Do Not Let Resentment Fester

When someone offends you the feelings of hurt and anger often sit just below the surface decaying and rotting. Unfortunately, when emotions are in this state, they stay this way for some time, and make you continually feel the hurt and anger until it explodes.

Most people practice “mind their tongue” when other people do something in opposition to them. Unfortunately, this causes the resentment to rear its ugly head and eventually create a situation that may turn hostile.

Once the feelings have hit an all-time high, you can say or do something you cannot take back. That can create an out-of-control situation that would have been better avoided by following a few simple steps.

Please keep in mind that you are the one that is in control of yourself, but you cannot control other people. However, because of this, you have the power to decide what action you will take when someone offends you.

You can choose to get angry and hurt and let it fester, or you can choose to forgive the other person and move on with your life.

You get to decide!


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