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Virtual Book Tour


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Stephon Ferguson

Meet the voice of Martin Luther King in today’s world. He is an author, speaker, and artist who is promoting his philosophy of justice, equality, and freedom as the only person ever licensed by the King’s Estate.

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Tanicia Prioleau

A multifaceted Author, Speaker, Publishing Consultant, Blogger, and Writer who has been passionate about writing since her youth. She is also a wife, a proud mother, and an intercessor.

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Promises Huff

Coach Promises R. Huff, a very strong lady with a heart as big as her achievements. She’s not just a bestselling author and certified life coach, but also a licensed cosmetologist and experienced educator.

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Josias Jean-Pierre

5x Author, Motivational speaker his powerful words. From being featured on Forbes to receiving 2024 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, his mission is to empower others to reach their fullest potential.


Storytelling, Media, Growth & Outreach

Open Slots: 20 Published Authors

Participation fee: $499 (Basic plan)

Speaker training for TEDX and/or Forbes stage

Author Interview

Chosen Pen’s Marketing Package


Our basic book marketing plan includes several key components to ensure your successful Virtual Book Tour. These include public listings, a landing page, a virtual launch party, magazine and news coverage with story & interviews, and targeted global marketing efforts. By utilizing these strategies, authors can effectively promote their work and reach a wider audience.

Based on your need to expand, you can request to upgrade your Basic package to Pro package with additional opportunities such as Speaking Engagements, Podcast, Radio Interview, and an audio book or book screening.

Additionally, You can opt-in for Signature Social Media Growth Marketing Management Service Suite by BIZBoost. Contact us if you need any further assistance with this.

Book Stack

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“We take book promotion to the NEXT LEVEL, virtually!”

Dr. Norma Mclauchlin

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Tour Essentials

What's in it for you!

You may chosen our BASIC package of promotions with all the bells and whistles! Everything that can go into a virtual book tour package will be there. The tour will run 2 months virtually. Just so that you will know what to expect, here are the details:

Deliverable For EACH Author

- Official Tour PageWhen you have decided which month you want to tour, we will set up an official tour page for you at This will include:

  1. BIO

  2. Book with Cover, publisher info & Buy button/link

  3. Book Trailer

  4. Website

  5. Virtual Release party date

  6. List of Active/Scheduled broadcasts, podcasts, radio features

  7. BIZBoost Magazine & News publication digital feature

  8. Opportunity for speaking engagements at TEDx and Forbes 2024 conference

Your tour page will go live at least one week before you tour or sooner and you will be sent the link so that you’ll know your schedule. 

- Tour Banner & Creatives: You will also receive a personalized tour banner & creatives which will appear on your tour page and sent to the marketing on social media to add some bling to your appearances and will publicize that you are on tour.


- Coordination for Interviews & Publication: All communications for all coordinations will be done at your official email with Chosen Pen's Team.


- Promoting Your Tour: When your tour starts, we highly encourage you to participate heavily for maximum impact. Tweet & post regularly. Announce on social networks, e-groups, your personal blog, everyone in your email folder. Include the hashtag #CPVBT2024 & #BIZBoost in every post you send out. We have a dedicated growth marketing team who will expand & amplify the outreach.

Step 1: Purchase the Basic Plan

Step 2: Complete the Document

Book Shelf

The Writer's Preferred Choice


Discover your next favorite book at the Virtual Book Tour 2024! This event features the latest work from a published author and offers a unique opportunity to interact with them and learn about their writing process. Join us for an exciting journey into the world of literature and connect with fellow book lovers. Stay tuned for more details!

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