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The Forgiveness Game

Who wins and who loses??

Trish discovers a horrible truth. The people she loves the most aren’t whom they appear to be. She finds herself in a tug-of-war between revenge and forgiveness. Which direction will she choose? Is forgiveness the game she’s destined to lose?

Her son-in-law must die. Her best friend told her a lie. Why does her husband make her cry?


About the Story

Dr. Norma McLaunchlin is no stranger to forgiveness. Long before she became a pastor’s wife, she found herself in situations where the only way to make it through them was to forgive. And while forgiving others, she also had to learn to forgive herself. When writing “The Forgiveness Game,” Dr. Norma understood the assignment. She wanted to write a book that everyone could read and relate to. “The Forgiveness Game” is that and so much more!

Pre-order your copy today of this amazing Christian Suspense story or receive your digital version today!! Also available are the "hello Forgiveness" Journal with writing prompts and free writing space, and the "What Color is Forgiveness?" coloring book. 

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