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Meet Tanicia Prioleau

"Virtual Book Tour 2024"

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About the Author

Tanicia Prioleau

A multifaceted Author, Speaker, Publishing Consultant, Blogger, and Writer who has been passionate about writing since her youth. She is also a wife, a proud mother, and an intercessor. She has evolved into empowering minds, hearts, and souls to become reconciled to God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ—her journey, marked by dedication and commitment to guiding others towards a deeper connection with God.

Glad to exhibit a few of Tanicia’s bestselling books:

  • The Curse Of The Inverted Soul

  • Eternal Love

  • God’s Celestial Network

  • Honor

By using her writing, teaching, and any other tool God uses to spread His gospel of the Kingdom, she inspires readers worldwide.

Mrs Tanicia Prioleau’s goal in this writing journey is to enlighten the minds of worldwide readers and help them attain freedom. Her interest lies in exploring new places and meeting new people. Besides, she likes to read and travel with her family and friends in her free time.


“When I wrote God's Celestial Network, I prayed and asked for Godly wisdom on what God wanted me to share with his children. I know I couldn't do it alone, so I'm thankful to Jesus Christ, who guided me through the writing process.”

Tanicia Prioleau

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"Eternal Love" by Tanicia Prioleau

“Empowering Minds, Hearts, and Souls”

Endless love is a deep and lasting affection that transcends time, distance, and life's challenges. To experience the magic within and explore the true love of soulmates, it's essential to know and understand "Eternal Love."

Book Trailer

God's Celestial Network which is available on Amazon

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