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This extended package offers you more features to be an even more successful published author at the most affordable price. 


In addition to universal features, this package includes: 


  • 10 Free Books
  • Premium Custom Cover
  • U.S. Copyright Service
  • Book Store Advertising


All packages include (universal features):


  • Choice of Book Size
  • Author Royalty Setup
  • Electronic Proof
  • ISBN Number
  • Non-Exclusive Contract
  • International Distribution
  • Books in Print Listing
  • Book Store Distribution Availability

Silver Package (Full Discount)

  • Printed Books

    Our paperback and hardback books come in the following sizes with full color covers: 5x7, 5x8, 5.5x8.5, 6x9, 7x10, 8x10, 8.5 x 11 inches


    Book Covers

    Our Silver and Gold Packages come with Custom Book Covers.  Our custom covers are created by professional graphic artists. Our graphic artists will work with you to develop a book cover based on your ideas and color schemes. Once we put together a draft cover, we will send it to you for your approval, suggestions or changes before we go to print.  If you get our Bronze package it comes with a Standard Book Cover, but you can always upgrade to a Custom Book Cover. A standard cover uses a prearranged format. Colors and fonts will be added by our graphic artists at their discretion. The final book cover will be in full color with your information.


    US Copyright Service

    We complete all the paperwork with the United States Copyright Office and supply them with 2 printed copies of your book.  You will receive an official registration of your copyright. Like any government organization it does take them as much as one year to process the copyright registration.


    Lifetime Book Returnable Service

    This option lets book stores return unsold books in any condition at any time for a refund.  This is a good option to get if you want to encourage book stores to buy your book and put it on the shelf.  There is no recurring annual fee with this option.


    eBook Formatting and Distribution

    Our publishing team will take your manuscript and format it into the most popular eBook formats. We are distributed on over 70 online partners serving readers across the globe - that's digital publishing like a pro!  The eBook retail price will be $9.99. Royalty for the eBook depends on file size and distributor costs. For example, Amazon charges a per Mb fee which is determined by the file size of your book.