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As a Christian writer called by God, you have no choice but to write. God has called you out of bondage into the freedom to walk in your calling. Your calling is to influence, transform, awaken, instruct, and delight your audience. Because it is a calling, you must pray and trust God, because you can't minister through your writing without His help. Your writing must become an instrument in the hand of the Holy Spirit, guided by His miracle-working power. Although called, you may still have many questions about your assignment as a writer: •What should I write?•What is my writing genre? •Should I write a full-length book, short story, or article? •Who is my audience? •What should be my topic? •How do I sell my books, and can I make a living writing? •Whose expert advice should I follow to further my career? Only God has the answer to these questions, and you can find them by immersing yourself in this journal. Use Free to ChooseTM . . . To Write to dig deeper into His Word. Through the guidance of this resource joined with your commitment, as you commune daily with the Lord, you will see that you have the freedom not only as a Christian who writes, but as a Christ follower who writes. As you read, meditate, study, and journal, you will find that you have more to offer your audience through your writing. Choose to write . . . right now!

Free to Choose to Write

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