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At Chosen Pen Publishing, we help take our authors’ stories and writings from good to great. Our professional editing services and attention to detail are a real difference maker in the success of your published work. Who knows? You might discover your new favorite book.

Chosen Pen Publishing was founded by independent Christian authors with the primary intention of helping other independent Christian authors get the publishing services they need, in the simplest and most inexpensive way possible, while never compromising quality or customer service.

The staff at Chosen Pen realizes how challenging it can be to get professional quality and inexpensive publishing services – not to mention how complicated it can be for new authors. Therefore, as a result of their experiences, several authors came together to form a company dedicated to helping authors publish their book products while keeping control of their work, as well as maintaining the ability to market, distribute, and sell their book products to bookstores and many other unlimited sources.


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Meet Our Newest Author, Nicole Smith!

Chosen Pen is dedicated to helping first-time authors self-publish their books, fulfill their writing goals, and share their stories with the world. Its aim is to assist aspiring writers in turning their vision into reality. Chosen Pen is excited to introduce up and coming authors to excited readers! Keep checking back to meet the newest member of the Chosen Pen Publishing family! 

Our Latest Book Releases

Chosen Pen is excited to introduce new book releases to excited readers! Keep checking back to see what Chosen Pen Publishing is presenting!

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