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Chosen Pen Publishing Annual International Literary Awards Submissions  

 The Chosen Pen International Literary Awards celebrate the art of storytelling and literary excellence across the globe.

Have you crafted a manuscript that belongs on bookshelves and literary prize lists? Submit Your Masterpiece Today! 

Submission Deadline: September 7th

$25 per submission

Limit of 5 submissions per author (1 per category) 

Please follow submission guidelines listed below for each category. 

Each submission should include the method of payment of submission fees. and will be confirmed prior to review. 


Submission Categories

• Fiction: Celebrating novels and short stories that captivate with their narrative.

• Non-Fiction: Honoring works that inform, engage, and enlighten readers.

• Poetry: Acknowledging the art and emotion expressed through poetry.

• Young Adult: Highlighting outstanding works targeted towards young adult          readers.

• Children's Literature: Recognizing books that capture the imagination of younger readers.

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